Design Outline

Our new church building includes an auditorium with facilities for catering, children’s work and offices.

It is set out as a quadrangle with a courtyard at the centre.

Many modern buildings are achieved by using steel and modern materials. We decided to build with green oak for 2 primary reasons.

Firstly, it allowed us to use in-house skills and thus considerably reduce costs. Secondly, we wanted to achieve a building of beauty, softness and warmth in green oak.

We purchased all the oak required for the build and built a saw mill where the framing work was carried out.

We had many challenges during the construction process, one of the first being how to span an auditorium seating 600 people. We drew up an exciting design incorporating a hammer beam, which spans the distances required.

Our goal has always been to construct a building of beauty which incorporates the up-to-date technology required while employing an ecological approach.

As far as we are aware no one has constructed a green oak building of this size in living memory, which identifies this as a unique project.